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Nowadays, in some high-end decoration or home decoration, natural marble is becoming more and more popular. Especially in white marble, the surface of the white marble is high in gloss and the texture is beautifully arranged. The effect is beautiful and graded, and the elegant characteristics of the atmosphere can also be highlighted the owner's extraordinary taste.

Floor paving

The white marble flooring under the light, which makes the space full of more fashionable texture and luxurious style. Therefore, without one kind of top luxury white marbles like Statuario or Calacatta, we will be embarrassed to say that it is a luxury house.

Bathroom laying

The choice of white marble as the main material for the bathroom is not everyone's can affordable, but the effect is indeed different from other construction material. The special texture of the luxury white marble gives the decoration a unique and individual beauty. For the ultimate luxury, white marble can be used as one of the best choices.

Living room

Using white marble or book match marble to make a TV background wall can instantly improve the quality of the entire living room. Because the texture of each piece of marble is unique, there are simple and smooth patterns to highlight the layering, and there are ever-changing lines to bring a strong visual impact.

Walling tile

The white marble texture of each piece is different, smooth and delicate, bright and fresh, bringing you a visual feast once and for all, which can make the home of a large space more elegant and generous.

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