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In recent years, with the continuous development of marble industry, marble has moved from the original high-end architectural decoration materials to private family. White marble become one of the most popular products in the field of architectural decoration.

Since the natural marble and the porcelain tile after cutting are similar in appearance, many people think that there is not much difference between the two. In fact, both the character of the product and the decorative effect, there are essential differences between the two, let us take a look at the comparative advantages of natural marble and ceramic tiles in architectural decoration.

First, the character of the product

Marble is one of natural products, after cutting and polishing, only the shape or size changes, and the substance itself does not change. Porcelain tiles are made of refractory metal oxides and semi-metal oxides, which are formed by grinding, mixing, pressing, glazing and sintering to form an acid-resistant porcelain tile. The raw materials are mostly made of clay, quartz sand, etc., which are artificial products produced after chemical changes, and are new substances formed by the chemical reaction of sand, stone and mud.

Second, the price comparison

After buying porcelain tiles, you can find workers to pave at home, but natural stone needs to be processed before laying on the ground, so many customers think that the price of natural marble is more expensive than ceramic tiles. In fact, except the luxury ones, we have some economical white marble, let us taking Guangxi white marble as an example, after processing, the price is about $65.0 per square meter, and a domestic brand tile with similar color texture is priced at $70.0 per square meter. Therefore, the prices of the two are actually not much different if not luxury white marble.

Third, the practical comparison

Some marble has superior durability and durability. It has been the most important architectural and decorative material since ancient times. Most of the world's best preserved ancient buildings are stone buildings. Porcelain tiles have weak impact resistance and are easily broken: whether it is in production, transportation, installation or use, the tiles are very easy to break. In addition, the porcelain tiles are also prone to wear. Usually, after the porcelain tiles are laid, the wear of the seams in the home is about 6 months. The surface of the tiles will have different degrees of wear on the surface of the tiles for 8-12 months. Generally, the seam wear will occur in 2-3 months, and the tiles will wear to varying degrees within 6 months. In terms of wear resistance, stone products are also far superior to ceramic tiles.

4th, the color difference comparison

Due to its natural character, natural marble has relatively obvious color difference, and the surface texture of natural stone is rich, but the natural marble paving effect looks natural and atmospheric, which is unmatched by ceramic tiles. Porcelain tiles are made by manual processing, which avoids chromatic aberration to a certain extent, but even the best tiles have chromatic aberration, which is an unavoidable problem, mainly because of the limitations of raw materials and production processes.

5th, Comparison of shape and precision

Marble can be shaped according to different requirements. Because of the specification requirements, ceramic tiles have limitations on shape production. In addition, in the production process, the length variation of each side is large due to temperature changes or limitations of equipment and processes.

6th, Comparison of thermal expansion coefficients

The marble took from the natural world, the physical and chemical properties are very stable, the coefficient of thermal expansion is small, and the deformation of the product is rarely caused by the change of temperature. The thermal expansion coefficient of the porcelain tile is relatively large, which is easy to cause deformation of the product, especially in the winter, the phenomenon of tile arching is prone to occur.

7th, safety comparison

Safety is the most important thing. The surface treatment of the porcelain tile makes it very small in the friction during use, so it is very slippery; if the porcelain tile is oily and wet, it will be like smoother. There have numbers of elderly and children who fall because of slippery tiles every year is countless, and some are even disabled. Even a young man with agility can sometimes fall down - the porcelain tiles are too slippery.

In comparison, although the marble products are not as smooth as tiles, they are very suitable for living and walking without safety hazards, for marble has thousands of natural pores that like microporous holes, that it won't feel very slippery even on wet ground, it like anti-slipper material.

8th, decorative feelings comparison

In terms of decorative effects, every porcelain user and family has a deep understanding of the coolness of the porcelain tiles in winter! Therefore, there are many people suffering from rheumatoid arthritis, not to mention the old people who had rheumatoid arthritis who suffered bitterly in the cold and long winter. Good marble is like "Jade" in general, so-called "Wenrun as jade". For good marble products, after decoration, people can feel warm in winter and cool in summer.


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