Column Line Arch

Column Line Arch

In Ancient Egyptian architecture as early as 2600 BC the architectures already used white marble column which surface was carved with pattern and special shape. Nowadays, natural marble roman column are often used widely for the Government Architecture, like court of justice and other buildings, these buildings are very magnificent, and the carving is quite simple or without carving. While for private villa and house, people often prefer to take marble with Roman column design to match Exquisite sculptures. At the same time, people like to use the continuous white marble dome arch on the corridor has a sense of visual extension, as if it could lead to the magnificent palace of the 19th century.

Marble Lines and threads, especially the white marble products are often used as the edges of doorframes, window frames, handrails, countertops, eaves, building corners, waist lines, skirts, etc. The architectures are looking for more purpose of these beautiful white marble, the threads are usually processed into single or multiple pieces of natural marble to form a whole continuous marble line. More and more white marble arched window are appear In the European architecture, especially, Luxury private villas.

With the development of residential and environmental engineering to the high-end level, new demands from white marble products have been raised on the special-shaped edges, architectural sculptures, water jet marble medallion, various complicated and beautiful curved surfaces, column and even marble furniture. equipped with advanced processing equipment, such as diamond wire saws, CNC cutting machine, combined with computer-controlled high-tech machines, fully meets complex requirements from customers all around the world.

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