Bianco Dolomiti

Bianco Dolomiti

Bianco Dolomiti is kind of milky white marble with fine grain, it is distinctive and smooth grey veining looking and its content of 40% calcium magnesium carbonate or more, that is why hard enough and could be used for outdoor that from the upper echelon of white stones, for most marble just available for interior application.

This marble is from Turkey, which has very clean and pure white basic only with seldom light veins, looks graceful and delicate,that only very few marbles are comparable to the premium white.

The application of white Marble in decorative design is more and more extensive, and Bianco Dolomiti has gradually become the darling of high-end design, It’s basic mainly used for indoor floors, indoor walls, outdoor floors, outdoor walls, cylinders, stairs, countertops, sinks, bathtubs, fireplaces, sculptures. It is displayed in the overall space, infused with people's understanding of the house, the feeling of home, and the attitude towards life, is pure, noble and bright.

Rather suitable for modern decoration style for Bianco Dolomiti quiet, elegant, soft and simple decoration style, it is deeply loved by modern young people and simple style reveals a low-key luxury beauty.



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