Ariston Marble

Ariston Marble

Ariston white marble is one kind of high-end among white marble material with excellent color and fine grains and few gray veins but its texture is soft and whitest color which belongs to a kind of precious stone. It like the white clouds floating in the clear sky, people can't refuse its temptation of beauty.

However its quarry and block quantity is very rarely making people flocking to get it even if the cost is not cheap. It is very suitable to decorate high-level hotel and Villas to issue its elegant and noble stone character. The popular finish of Ariston white marble is polished and after installation, it always catches people’s eyes easily and makes people conformable. The tile size of Ariston white marble could not cut into in big size as its soft character. Or it will add damage and package cost during transportation. Among all white marble materials. Ariston white marble is very popular with people and reveals a luxury beauty in modern and simple style.



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