Carving And Sculpture

Carving And Sculpture

Carrara is located in the northwest of Tuscany. The old town is surrounded by mountains on three sides and the surrounding mountains teem with fine marbles. That is the world most diverse and best-quality white marbles quarry center, it is known as the "world's marble capital", among which the world's most famous marble Bianco Carrara "Carrara White" light gray silk, white marble is the raw material of many famous sculptures.

This Italian famous stone has attracted much attention for its low output, high grade and low total volume. Its products are elegant and luxurious, and are widely praised by European aristocrats. They are applied to the White House, Notre Dame, British Museum, and Ancient Roman Forum, Florence and Siena's Cathedral, Leaning Tower of Pisa and other buildings. When the white marble statue of David was completed, Michelangelo was only 29 years old. The statue was carved out of marble and seemed to be enchanted, making it one of the most beautiful statues in the world. So carved stone sculptures are the best choice to enhance the enjoyment of artistic beauty and elegance of both your indoor as well as outdoor garden spaces.

Except the cararra white marble from Italy, also offers many different types of white marble statues and sculptures from religious sculpture, figure sculpture, animal sculpture to fireplace, landscape and garden ornaments,etc.

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