Pirgon Marble

Pirgon Marble

Pirgon marble is one of the most popular greece white marble which enjoys similar characteristics of Volakas marble, white background with cloudy featuring grey veins or classic patterns veins will match different styles for high-end buildings decoration. Pirgon marble has a classic timeless look perfect for kitchen, bath and living room installations.

Benefit from the fine grain structure, fine texture and low hardness, Pirgon marble can be easily carved into a wide range of interior marble components, Pirgon white marble table panel, Pirgon white marble washbasins and sinks, white marble countertops, columns and sculptures. Pirgon marble is loved by designers and owners, especially widely used in hotels, villas and leisure places for its price advance. Aiming at the optimum satisfaction of our clients, in correspondence to the international market trends, we always supply the best quality of white marble in timely delivery.



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