Carrara White

Carrara White

As a typical and classical white dolomiti marble, Bianco Carrara white marble has long history in stone market, it is one of the most popular white marble around the world for it enjoy the durable quality of marble structure.

Appearance with grey white background and darker grey ink-like veins or spots mixed randomly, elegant and luxurious texture give a simple, concise and bright feeling. The texture and bright texture of the cloud make the space more serene and temperament, with soft decorations in place to bring out the soul of the space. Carrara white is a versatile color that can be paired with any color and has a lot of room to play.

It is widely respected by European aristocrats and applied to buildings such as the White House, Notre Dame, and the British Museum. It is a princess in the marble family. Meanwhile, Bianco Carrara has good water resistance and acid and alkali resistance, is enthusiastically sought after in the living room, dining room, bathroom, countertops, pillars and other places.



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