Sample Require


As one of the biggest leading manufacturers and exporters of white marbles, we always open to the outside world. We have big marble showrooms and warehouses in Shuitou China, which enable us to provide customers with different white marble samples upon your request rapidly.


For small white marble samples in size like 4”x4”, 6”x6” even 12"x12" in standard thickness, we can give you samples for free. For other customized sizes samples or big sample, we might need you to pay for samples and freight cost first. If final order confirmed, we will deduct the samples cost from your final bill.

Natural marble is kind of natural products and each piece is exclusive, finally products color variation will be subject to the goods that you receive. Especially for white marble, which have more variations in veins, grains, and colors. You need to understand and realize that the finally goods that you ordered will have more difference. You also need to realize that samples are for reference only, color and texture may vary. So besides small samples, it’s better that you obtain and request slab and finished products photos from us or show them to your customers for a better understanding the beauty of white marble.


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