The natural marble are full of micro porous holes, this is very true for marble, these holes act like the sponge, they could absorb few liquids relatively quickly. In modern society, marble are widely used in hotel and private floors, interior and exterior walls, bathrooms, dining rooms, many clients are facing the staining damage, corrosion, Rust and Yellowing problem. So it brings the stone sealing work, simply say, the application of protection on the white marble surface to retard staining and corrosion.

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Normally, before Polished the slab, white marble slab bottom must be waterproof treatment with adhesive glue firstly, the purpose is stop water absorption from concrete when floor tile installation, thereby marble tile internal structure could be keep dry out, thus natural white marble can be avoided yellowing and rusty.

Secondly, the white marble top surface should be brushed with Penetrating oil waterproof, it could be quickly absorbed and forms a hydrophobic anti staining film, while preserving the original permeability of the marble.

General Tips for Marble sealers or penetrating

  • 1

    Before sealing always sweep off or the dust and any unwanted element. make sure that the marble’s surface is clean.

  • 2

    Use chemical resistant paint and deck brushes or rollers for applying the sealers or penetrating liquid.

  • 3

    Must allow 72 hour setting time to new installations before applying the sealers.

  • 4

    Use the clean water to clear up the excessive sealer or liquid.


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