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Most of the new promotion products come from Italy, Greece, Turkey,Iran and all over China. For we have good relationship with main white marble quarry owners, so we have advantage in new promotion products, good prices, fast delivery time, quality controlling, professional advice and service.

Quarterly Promotions & Special Offers launch some special offers for our clients each month,for some given products at a specific time, to bring you exceptional pricing and save money, so that you can spend less money than usual buying the same white marble.

Our white marble promotion is nonscheduled, diversified forms:

1: Some promotion products are over-stocked.

2: Some are sold at low price, just in order to withdrawal funds in a short time especially at the end of year.

3: Some products may have some flaw or poor veining. They can be cut into smaller size, or made into mosaic,pattern,which make each stone has its own value.

  • Sunny White Marble

    Sunny White Marble

    Sunny White Marble has white background with gorgeous, dramatic black and dark gray veining, some people use it to replace Italy Carrara Marble, moreover, sunny white marble some good looking texture contains heavy, bold gray veining mixed...

  • Napoleon Gold Marble

    Napoleon Gold Marble

    Napoleon gold marble is a stunning white marble with golden veins and fine grain structure. The quantity is very few so they are valuable and unique. It is available in polished and honed finished and they are suitable for usage on both flo...


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